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What color of shoes go with everything

The color of shoes you choose to wear can depend on what outfit you are wearing.  Some colors go better with certain outfits than others, so it is essential to know which colors work best for each different situation.

Usually black, gray, and beige, these three-color shoes go well with any outfit. Most people especially like to wear black shoes with their clothes.

But navy blue and white shoes are also excellent, and they go well with any outfit.

Sometimes there comes a time when we can’t wear our favorite shoes with certain clothes. This poses a problem concerning color coordination. For example, let’s say your favorite pair of shoes is a pair of black boots.

You want to wear those as often as possible.  But, If you have brown shoes, what can you do?

Those two colors might match for sure, but they aren’t the same thing. For a person who is interested in wearing the same colors all of the time, this can be a problem. But it doesn’t have to be.

The only thing that you need to consider is what color of shoes goes with everything. So let’s learn about some shoe colors that you can wear with all kinds of outfits.


What color shoes go with everything: 8 shoes

1: Black shoe

What color of shoes go with everything

When you are getting ready to go out, it can be hard to decide what shoes will go with your outfit. But, black shoes are great for a variety of outfits and occasions.

If you are wearing any shade of brown, tan, blue jeans, khakis, or any other outfit, it will match your black shoes.

Another reason so many people like black shoes is that they can be worn for casual or dressy occasions.

2: Brown shoes

What color of shoes go with everything

Brown shoes are a versatile shoe color and can be worn with many different outfits

The color brown is a great color to wear during the fall and winter seasons. Brown shoes can be worn with any outfit, so they are also suitable for everyday wear.

A pair of brown loafers looks nice for casual attire such as denim shorts and a t-shirt or even more formal ensembles like a blazer and slacks.

Especially, They go well with dark denim jeans, black dress pants, and khaki slacks.

For more formal occasions such as weddings or funerals, you’ll want to stick to darker colors like black or navy blue.

But, if brown is not your first choice, you can try these shoes at least once.

3: Navy blue shoe

What color of shoes go with everything

Navy blue is a color that anyone can wear because it can be easily matched with so many different outfits, especially when you want to add some style and flair.

This color looks great on people who have lighter skin tones, but it also works well for darker skin tones.

They look good in black jeans and a white shirt or sweater. Navy blue shoes are perfect for the office or school because they match almost anything and go well with any style.

It’s a color that ranges from dark to light. You can also wear them with denim jeans and an open-knit cardigan in the wintertime.

4: Grey shoes

What color of shoes go with everything

Grey shoes are a staple in any wardrobe because they go with everything. They also add some spice to your outfit without being too much. But, when is the right time to wear them?

The answer: all the time. There is no such outfit that grey shoes don’t look good with, so you can wear them whenever and wherever.

Grey shoes are also perfect for any occasion, from a formal event to casual wear. Because They offer a neutral color that goes well with most outfits, and you can wear them almost anywhere.

5: White shoes

What color of shoes go with everything

If you’re looking for a shoe that can be worn with almost anything, try white sneakers. White sneakers are great because they go well with pretty much any color like – black pants, jeans, khaki shorts.

Especially if you wear a black dress, white sneakers are most suitable for it. This is because the contrast between the two colors makes your foot more noticeable and stylish.

And, they also offer a sleeker silhouette than other types of athletic style dress shoes like running or tennis shoes. So if you want to wear white shoes with different outfits, you can try without any doubt.

6: Red shoes

What color of shoes go with everything

You might think that you can wear any type of shoes with any outfit, but this is not always the case. Because It all depends on what your personal style and taste are.

 For example, if you like to dress conservatively, you should avoid red shoes because they tend to be considered flashy and too bright for someone who wants to keep their look simple.

7: Beige shoes

What color of shoes go with everything

If you are looking for a go-to shoe color for all of your outfits, beige is also a perfect choice. It will work with any outfit and look great with anything that you wear.

Beige shoes can be worn in nearly every season, but they may not work well in the wintertime because they won’t go as well with snow or other cold weather conditions.

The best time to wear them is during the spring and summer months when there’s more light outside and less need for warmth.

8: Gold shoes

What color of shoes go with everything

Gold shoes are a popular accessory to wear with outfits, but not all gold shoes go well with every outfit.

There are many different types of gold shoes that range from shiny and shimmering to matte and metallic. Gold pumps can be worn as part of a dressy look or as an everyday shoe for work.

When deciding on the best type of gold shoe for your outfit, consider what colors you will be wearing.

For example, a white dress and gold heels will create a wedding-like appearance that you can’t go wrong with. You can even pair them with black pants for a more casual look.

How to match shoes with outfits?

There are many different solutions that you can try if you want to find what color of shoes goes with everything.

1- Perhaps the simplest solution is to prepare several pairs of shoes for any occasion.

You could make sure that there is always a pair of black shoes, brown shoes, and sneakers ready for an emergency. This way, you can match any outfit, at least in terms of shoes.

2- The other main solution would be to buy several pairs of the same shoes in different colors. This works incredibly well if you can find shoes that are made in multiple colors and patterns.

For example, brown shoes with a camouflage pattern might go with both brown and black outfits.

A simple blue sneaker could also match anything from blue jeans to black pants to a casual dress.


What’s about neutral color shoes?

Neutral shoes have the advantage of never really going out of style. Mainly because they’re so versatile, and also many women feel more comfortable wearing neutral colors than they do very bold colors like red, pink, or green shoes.

People have different preferences when it comes to colors. When it comes to how many people wear them, the answer is blue or black. One survey showed that about 51% of men prefer black shoes, while 45% of women prefer brown shoes. Another study found that blue was preferred by 34% of respondents and red was preferred by 23%. Brown came in at 18%.

What color shoe is most versatile? Is it black, brown, or red?

For instance, black shoes are the most formal shoe color because they are appropriate for almost any event.

Red shoes can be worn with casual outfits but will make any outfit feel more festive.

Brown shoes work well with neutral colors such as navy blue and gray because they can easily complement those shades without clashing too much.

Like all clothes, there is no such thing as a “most versatile” shoe color. Each has its own properties that lend themselves better to some occasions than others.

Conclusion: What color shoes goes with everything?

All the shoes discussed above are popular colors. These can be worn in any outfit and at various festivals or trips.

However, It is entirely up to you what color shoes to wear with your outfit.

Because the type of shoes I like to wear may not be your choice, so try to wear the shoes of your selection that will be best for you.

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